In our Stockholm based workshop we design and create jewellery with passion and precision. 

Together, metal and gemstones become a piece of art, GemArt.

GemArt was founded as late as in 2018 but our paths crossed many years earlier.

A design project which lasted for one year was the start for our collaboration and GemArt was born.

With knowledge from our homeland Sweden and Germany, together with educations in Belgium and the USA we collectively have three professions. Goldsmith, diamond setter and hand engraver.

From the creative process of designing to the finished piece of jewellery all steps are made by hand in our cosy workshop in central Stockholm.

With the focus on the gemstone and a base of solid craftsmanship everything we create is unique.

Together with us you can customise a jewellery that goes with your personality.

No request is too big yet too small.

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We’re looking forward to hear from you,

Kristina and Lisa

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