Family Tree

The collection is a symbol for parenthood
 and a tribute to mothers and children or someone you call your family.

All leafs are handmade and unique, just as your family members.You have the possibility to create your own family tree and add leafs to let it grow.

The leafs come in three different sizes.
 You can choose between plain or fullset with green tourmalines.
 A personal hand engraving on either side will make your pendant peerless.

"Family Tree" comes in beautiful wooden boxes,
you will receive them in a gift bag together with a poem about the symbolism of the necklace. 

Leaf 1 plain
3 950 kr
Leaf 1 Green
6 550 kr
Leaf 2 plain
5 550 kr
Leaf 2 Green
11 550 kr
Leaf 3 plain
8 350 kr
Leaf 3 Green
17 250 kr
Leaf Earrings
26 200 kr
Leaf earrings mini
10 800 kr
Tourmaline studs
3 750 kr
2 800 kr
50 kr

Leaf 2 plain on 45cm together with Leaf 3 green 70cm